Medieval Logic Manuscripts: un database online di testi medievali di logica

Medieval Logic Manuscripts è il repertorio di testi medievali di logica contenuti in manoscritti medievali. L’arco temporarale considerato va dal 500 al 1500. Il repertorio si basa sulle annotazioni fatte dal Prof.  L.M. de Rijk  durante le sue ricerche nelle biblioteche europee dal 1953 in poi.

“The database contains commentaries on the ars vetus and nova, texts belonging to the logica moderna, and other texts on logic, such as tracts De artibus liberalibus or just pages of notes. Logicae modernae are split up into tracts, commentaries on the ars vetus or nova into commentaries on the separate works (but not further into commentaries on book I, book II etc.). If a manuscript dates from after 1500, the texts, medieval though they may be, are not included; but this rule is not applied too strictly, because the manuscript might turn out to be medieval after all. Codicological and paleographical aspects are only noted when relevant for the history of the text (e.g. provenance and colophon are included, but format and material are omitted)”.


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