Hannah Arendt Papers at the Library of Congress: lettere e manoscritti di Hannah Arendt

The Hannah Arendt Papers at the Library of Congress offre in rete una parte dell’archivio digitalizzato della Arendt ricevuto dalla biblioteca dalla stessa pensatrice dal 1965 al 2000.  L’archivio è organizzato in queste serie: Family Papers, Correspondence, Adolf Eichmann File, Subject File, Speeches and Writings File, Clippings, Addition I, Addition II e  Addition III.

“With over 25,000 items (about 75,000 digital images), the papers contain correspondence, articles, lectures, speeches, book manuscripts, transcripts of Adolf Eichmann’s trial proceedings, notes, and printed matter pertaining to Arendt’s writings and academic career.

Rich in manuscripts and correspondence for Arendt’s productive years as a writer and lecturer after World War II, the papers are sparse before the mid-1940s because of Arendt’s forced departure from Nazi Germany in 1933 and her escape from occupied France in 1941. Documentation for the first part of her life includes a few notebooks and writings; several official and private records relating mainly to her divorce, family history, and emigration; and a small group of personal correspondence with her second husband, Heinrich Blücher, some of whose letters and unpublished writings can be found in the Family Papers series. Much of the material is in German and other European languages”.

Queste sono le risorse presenti sul web:

  • Correspondence, 1938-1976, n.d.  Letters with enclosures sent and received. Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent and chronologically thereunde.
  • Adolf Eichmann File, 1938-1968, n.d. Correspondence, reports, transcripts, notes, reviews, clippings, and related material concerning the trial of Adolf Eichmann. Arranged alphabetically by type of material or topic and chronologically or alphabetically thereunder.
  • Subject File, 1949-1975, n.d. Course material including lectures, correspondence, notes, clippings, book reviews, class lists, contracts and royalty statements, book lists, and miscellaneous printed and near-print material. Arranged alphabetically by type of material or topic.
  • Speeches and Writings File, 1923-1975, n.d. Printed, near-print, typewritten, and handwritten manuscripts of books, essays, lectures, and other writings by Arendt. Grouped by format and arranged alphabetically thereunder by title or topic
  • Addition I, 1966-1977, n.d. Manuscripts, notes, and printed and near-print material relating to books and lectures by Arendt. Arranged alphabetically by format and title.
  • Addition III, 1945, n.d. Correspondence and notes by Arendt. Arranged alphabetically by type of material (tutto il materiale è disponibile sul web).


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