The Jane Collective: Feminist Pragmatism


The Jane Collective: Feminist Pragmatism   è il sito dei ricercatori interessati a far emergere il legame tra la “social philosophy” di Jane Addams (1860-1935) e il pragmatismo, sulla linea di quello che nella storiografia filosofica viene definito come pragmatist feminism.

“The last three decades have seen a resurgence of interest in American Pragmatist philosophy, and part of the energy of that resurgence is due to feminist interest in pragmatism. What is now called “classical” American pragmatism is a grouping of philosophies that were developed from the late nineteenth through the early twentieth century, and were largely influential in the Progressive Era (1890–1915) and up until the Second World War. Pragmatists, such as John Dewey, William James and Jane Addams, were interested in the intersection of theory and practice, bringing philosophic thinking into relationship with the social and political environment. For these thinkers, philosophizing was an active process, both as a way to change social realities and to use experience to modify the philosophies themselves. Early pragmatists were often humanists; they saw the social environment as malleable, capable of improvement through human action and philosophic thought. Because of this, many of the classical pragmatists were engaged in social action, often participating in experiments in education and working for egalitarian social reforms. Both early and contemporary pragmatists reject the idea of a certain Truth that can be discovered through logical analysis or revelation, and are more interested in knowledge gained through experiences of all sorts, while emphasizing the social context of all epistemological claims. Pluralism is a central value for pragmatists, who understand that knowledge is shaped by multiple experiential viewpoints. As such, women’s experiences are are an essential part of a truly pragmatist philosophy.

Nel sito troverere oltre alla segnalazione dei convegni e dei testi dedicati alla filosofa, anche una linkografia sulla Addams. Qui, invece trovate il link alle opere digitalizzate della Addams nell’Internet Archive.




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