Comparative Philosophy: una rivista online di filosofia comparativa


Comparative Philosophy. An International Journal of Constructive Engagement of Distinct Approaches toward World Philosophy è la rivista online  di filosofia comparativa che  affronta le tematiche dei sistemi filosofici occidentali e non-occidentali, in cerca di uno spunto o d’una chiave che permetta di inquadrarli in una nuova prospettiva.

The contents of Comparative Philosophy are to be intrinsically relevant to the philosophical interest and inquiry of philosophy scholars and students, no matter which specific traditions they study (e.g., Chinese or Indian philosophy) and no matter which style of philosophy they instantiate (e.g., analytic or “Continental” philosophy), given that they work on issues and topics under examination in the Journal articles. For a philosopher would be intrinsically interested in distinct approaches to the issues and topics under her philosophical (instead of merely historical) examination and in their reflective relation to her current working approach, whether or not she takes some other distinct approach also as her (current) working approach, which may be related to her training/specialty background, personal research interest or the need of the current study. In this connection, the journal’s emphasis on constructive engagement and philosophical relevance serves as, or constitutes, one pivot at which these philosophical explorations on distinct resources from different traditions can be intrinsically and effectively unified through comparative philosophy, which otherwise could be easily dismissed as irrelevant to each other.

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