Informal logic: una rivista online sulla logica informale


Informal logic. Reasoning and argumentation in theory and pratice è la rivsita trimestrale open-access (a revisione paritaria) sulla logica informale. Queste le tematiche della rivista:

topics related to reasoning and argumentation in theory and practice. It is deliberately multi-disciplinary, welcoming theoretical and empirical research from any pertinent field, including, but not restricted to, philosophy, rhetoric, communication, linguistics, psychology, artificial intelligence, education, law. […] Primary criteria for the acceptance of articles with a theoretical focus or interest are: (1) the article advances the dialectic or constitutes an interesting comment on it: it presents a cogent argument, objection, interpretation or position that is an advance in relation to the background of issues and controversies on the topic; or it casts the issue addressed in a new and worthwhile light; and (2) the article makes explicit reference to the pertinent literature on its topic, and it discharges the burden of proof imposed by that scholarship“.


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