JURN: il motore di ricerca di periodici free di ambito umanistico


JURN è il motore di ricerca che indicizza  4.533 periodici elettronici liberamente disponibili in rete. In altre parole, facendo una ricerca siete indirizzati direttamente all’articolo della rivista che vi interessa.

Qui, trovate il link all’elenco di tutte le riviste presenti nel motore di ricerca aggiornato al 2 aprile 2011. Potete inoltre anche scorrere la lista dei periodici in lingua inglese indicizzati in JURN. In particolare, questo è l’elenco dei periodici di filosofia:


Agonist : a Nietzsche Circle Journal.
American Dialectic.
Analecta Hermeneutica.
Analyse & Kritik.
Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis.
Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies.
Animus : Canadian Journal of Philosophy & Humanities.
Aporia : Dartmouth Undergrad. Journal of Philosophy.
Astrolabia : international philosophy review.
Atlantis Journal.
Australian Journal of Logic.
Baudrillard Studies.
Baltic … Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication.
Between the Species : … philosophy and animals.
British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy.
Caribbean Journal of Philosophy.
Childhood & Philosophy.
Cinema : Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image.
Cognitive Philology.
Contributions to the History of Concepts.
Conscrescence : the Australasian journal of process thought.
Comparative Philosophy.
Cosmos and History : … Natural and Social Philosophy.
Critical Rationalist, The.
Culture, Society, and Praxis.
Decalages (Althusser studies).
Design Philosophy Papers.
Disputatio : international journal of philosophy.
e-Journal Philosophie der Psychologie.
Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies.
ethica@ : … journal for moral philosophy.
Ethics & Global Politics.
Ethos: … philosophy and social sciences.
Emergent Australasian Philosophers.
Epekeina : … Ontology, History and Critics.
Esercizi Filosofici.
Essays in Japanese Philosophy.
EthiComp Journal (computers and ethics).
Ethics and Animals.
Ethics in Progress.
Etudes Ricoeuriennes / Ricoeur Studies.
European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy.
Existenz : … Philosophy, Religion, Politics, and the Arts.
Facta Universitatis : Series Philosophy … and History.
Film Philosophy.
Filozofski Vestnik.
Finnish Yearbook of Political Thought (1997-2004).
Florida Philosophical Review.
Flusser Studies.
Foucault Studies.
Harvard Review of Philosophy.
Hermenaut : … journal of philosophy and pop-culture.
History of Ethics.
Hume Studies.
Incognitum Hactenus : journal on art, horror, and philosophy.
Integral Review.
International Journal of the Platonic Tradition.
International Review of Information Ethics.
Interpretation : journal of political philosophy.
Iris : European Journal of Philosophy & Public Debate.
Janus Head.
Journal of Ancient Philosophy.
Journal of Ayn Rand Studies.
Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy.
Journal of Evolution and Technology.
Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy.
Journal of the International Plato Society.
Journal of the Kenneth Burke Society.
Journal of Libertarian Studies (1977-2003).
Journal of Markets and Morality (two issue paywall).
Journal of Philosophy and History of Education.
Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law.
Kaizen Newsletter (ethics & entrepreneurship).
Kant e-Prints.
Kant Studies Online.
Konturen (borders and delimitations).
Kritike : an online journal of philosophy.
Le Journal.
Lexicon Philosophicum (incorp. ILIESI Proceedings).
Libertarian Papers.
Logic and Logical Philosophy.
Logos & Episteme.
Macalester Journal of Philosophy.
Manas : explorations in ethical thought.
Mankind Quarterly (1960-2004).
Marxism Today (UK, 1980-1991).
Medieval Philosophy and Theology.
Mises Review : review of books (1995-2004).
Modern Age : a conservative review (1957-2003).
Muslim Philosophy.
New Formations (UK, 1987-1990).
Nordic Wittgenstein Review.
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
Objective Standard.
Ontology Studies.
P.4.B : Philosophy for Business e-journal.
Paideusis : … Journal in Philosophy of Education.
PhaenEx : … Existential and Phenomenological ….
Paideusis : … Philosophy of Education.
Philosophical Age Almanac, The (History of Ideas).
Philosophy and Theory in Biology.
Philosophical Frontiers : a journal of emerging thought.
Philosophers Imprint.
Philosophy in Review.
Philosophy Pathways.
Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine.
Philosophical News.
Philosophy for Business.
Pli : the Warwick Journal of Philosophy.
Polanyiana (Michael Polanyi).
Polylog (philosophy).
Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics.
Postmodern Culture.
Praxis : Journal of Philosophy.
Prolegomena : Journal of Philosophy.
Public Reason : journal of political and moral philosophy.
Quest : an African journal of philosophy.
Rationality, Markets and Morals.
Reason (1968-2005).
Reasoner, The.
Reason and Respect : a journal of civil discourse.
Reason Papers : a journal of interdisciplinary normative studies.
Richmond Journal of Philosophy.
Roundhouse : journal of critical theory and practice.
Russell : the journal of Bertrand Russell studies.
Shibboleths : a Journal of Comparative Theory.
Singularum: lessons in aesthetics.
Speculations: … speculative realism.
Spiked Magazine.
Studia Philosophica Estonica.
Studia Swedenborgiana (1974-2006).
Studies in Social and Political Thought.
Soren Kierkegaard Newsletter (1979-2012).
Symposium (continental philosophy).
Tanner Lectures Series on Human Values.
Teaching Classical Languages.
Techne : Research in Philosophy & Technology.
Thought and Practice (Philosophical Assoc. of Kenya).
Tradition & Discovery : The Polanyi Society Periodical.
Trumpeter: journal of Ecosophy, The.
University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy Booklet Series.
William James Studies.
Yale Philosophy Review.


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  1. Why no link to the directory from which this list was taken? http://www.jurn.org/directory/


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