Dictionnaire Montesquieu/Montesquieu Dictionary: l’enciclopedia online dedicata a Montesquieu


Il Dictionnaire Montesquieu/Montesquieu Dictionary è l’enciclopedia online in lingua francese e inglese dedicata al pensiero e all’opera di Montesquieu che al momento comprende circa 200 voci. Si tratta dell’aggiornamento del Dictionnaire électronique Montesquieu (2008) che completava la nuova edizione delle Opere di Montesquieu pubblicate dal 1998 ad oggi.

Le voci sono scritte da un team di quasi cinquanta autori qualificati sotto la direzione di Catherine Volpilhac-Auger con la collaborazione di Catherine Larrère.

” A Montesquieu Dictionary is intended for all who are interested in Montesquieu’s work and thought, and desire to know them better: students and researchers of all disciplines, anyone seeking a better understanding of the major inflections of the history of ideas and the foundations of modern thought.

Emphasis has been placed on topics and works so as to make an extraordinarily rich, nuanced and often complex body of thought genuinely accessible. We have attempted to cover all its aspects, from its juridical foundations to a fully constituted esthetics, via the essential axes of moral and political philosophy, the philosphy of knowledge or historical and economic thought. The biography, centered on precise points, has not been overlooked. Thematic groupings (Religion, Esthetics, History, Antiquity, Justice, etc.) make it possible to follow paths that can be extended and differentiated as the Dictionary is enriched (as this second edition already testifies).

The specificity of this work is indeed to break with the tradition of research tools in print, which at the outset had furnished its model. Only an on-line edition could provide all the flexibility needed for gathering the most complete information possible, taking research progress into account, and better respond to readers’ expectations through progressive development.”

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