Antennae. The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture


Antennae. The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture è la rivista online che affronta le tematiche ambientali e animaliste da un nuovo punto di vista che abbraccia una prospettiva interdisciplinare che comprende anche l’estetica.

“The zoocentrism that has more recently characterized the rapid development of animal studies has in many ways been productive, but perhaps inadvertently, it has also replaced one centric system with another, substantially bypassing the scientific and philosophical theories that have marked the past fifteen years. As it can be clearly seen by casting an eye on Antennae’s past issues, many of our contributions have already posed questions related to plants, and bacteria, whilst some have nurtured a soft spot for those animals who cannot return the gaze, or that do not ontologically clearly fit any group or species. In brief, expanding our domain of enquiry has always been central to Antennae. It is from this perspective that with this issue, the journal embarks on a new and challenging year-long project focusing on the emerging theories of new materialism, multispecies ethnography, bioart, and environmental concern”

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Archiviato in Estetica, Filosofia ambientale, Filosofia contemporanea, Periodici


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