Leibniz-Bouvet Correspondance: il carteggio Leibniz-Bouvet


Nel sito Leibniz-Bouvet Correspondance trovate le trascrizioni e le traduzioni in inglese con annotazioni delle lettere ( a cura di Alan Berkowitz and Daniel J. Cook. Berkowitz) che si scambiarono Leibniz e il gesuita Joachim Bouvet missonario in Cina.

” While the letters cover a wide and deep range of subject matter, they are best known for the convergence of two aspects of the then contemporary forays into East-West comparative culture. The first concerns the zealous revelation by the correspondents of a seeming identity between Leibniz’s newly formulated binary calculus (i.e., base two) and the sixty-four hexagrams (sextilinear figures) of one of China’s most revered ancient books, the Yi jing 易經, Classic of Changes. The other concerns the exposition of what has come to be known as “Figurism,” scholarly attempts to find in ancient Chinese texts vestiges and even precursors of Christian dogma and mysticism”


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