Any LLull 2015 2016: il sito del settimo centenario della morte di Lullo

Any LLull 2015 2016 è il sito dedicato a commemorare il settimo centenario della morte di Ramon Llull, uno dei massimi esponenti della cultura europea, con l’obiettivo di divulgare il pensiero e l’opera di Lullo attraverso una serie di eventi culturali.
Nel sito trovate queste interessanti risorse dedicate al filosofo:

“Ramon Llull was one of the foremost writers and thinkers of the Middle Ages, not just in Catalan-speaking areas but throughout the whole of Europe. No other Catalan author has exerted his influence, either geographically or across time. His wide-ranging interests were such that he made notable contributions to every area of the knowledge of his day, from philosophy and theology to law, medicine, astronomy, rhetoric and logic. At the same time, he produced a substantial body of literary work that includes emblematic titles, among them Blaquerna (which contains The Book of the Lover and the Beloved), The Book of the Beasts and The Book of the Gentile and the Three Wise Men, and which places him at the very start of the Catalan literary tradition.

As a result of his intellectual concerns, Llull made innovations in numerous fields. He is today regarded as the founding father of modern-day combinatorial computing, as well as of the theory of voting and electoral systems, and of interreligious dialogue, with a special emphasis on dialogue with the Muslim world and contact between different faiths, which is still so necessary today.”


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