eBook di filosofia: U. Rivieccio, Neutrosophic Logics: Prospects and Problems


Umberto Rivieccio, Neutrosophic Logics: Prospects and Problems

“Neutrosophy has been introduced some years ago by Florentin Smarandache as a new branch of philosophy dealing with “the origin, nature and scope of neutralities, as well as their interactions with different ideational spectra”. A variety of new theories has been developed on the basic principles of neutrosophy: among them is neutrosophic logics, a family of many valued systems that can be regarded as a generalization of fuzzy logics. In this paper we present a critical introduction to neutrosophic logics, focusing on the problem of defining suitable neutrosophic propositional connectives and discussing the relationship between neutrosophic logics and other well-known frameworks for reasoning with uncertainty and vagueness, such as (intuitionistic and interval-valued) fuzzy systems and Belnap’s logic.”


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