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Search. Journal for New Music and Culture è la rivista online che si propone di essere uno spazio di condivisione e di discussione su tutte le arti e in special modo sulla musica, in virtù del loro ruolo significativo.

We believe that the creative arts can serve a special role in our culture, realizing a combination of potentials not accessible to other media: they can expand and deepen both experiential capacities and intersubjective understanding. They can offer paradigms of intellectual and performative accomplishment, critically reflect upon the given, and speculate upon the possible.

Search will focus firstly upon sharing information about significant new developments in music and the other arts. Our goal is to reduce the distance – at least “virtually”- between physically, aesthetically, and often ideologically disparate artistic cultures. To this end, the editors welcome a broad range of articles treating the output of original and accomplished composers, improvisers, and performers. Technical analyses will always be welcome, but we especially encourage articles that ground analyses in the aesthetic aims and worldview of the artist. We also welcome input from performers regarding new developments in performative resources for their instruments.

Furthermore, Search will exist as a forum for critical and speculative assessments not only of the work of individual artists and artistic movements, but also of the state of the art form and its possible roles and responsibilities in society.


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