eBook di filosofia: E. Mach, Papers, 1865-1918


Ernst Mach, Papers, 1865-1918

“Most of the letters in this volume were written by Mach to Eduard Kulke. Other correspondents include Josef Popper-Lynkeus and Paul Tausig.
Additional material includes Czechoslovakian and German seminar announcements.

The identity of the original owner of the scrapbook and collector of the materials is unknown. A note in the Dibner Library’s provenance file speculates that the scrapbook was put together in 1938, but the source of that information is not given.[…]

Tipped-in printed booklets include: Gomperz, H. “Ernst Mach.” (Separatabdruck aus dem ‘Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie;’ Bd. 29, 4; pages [321]-328). Einstein, A. “Ernst Mach.” (Sonderdruck aus der Physikalischen Zeitschrift, Verlag von S. Hirzel in Leipzig, 17. Jahrgang, 1916; 4 pages). An issue of Die Naturwissenschaften (5. Jahrgang, Heft 5, 2 Februar 1917). Haas, K. “Hofrat Dr. Ernst Mach.” (Separatabdruck aus ‘Vierteljahrsberichte des Wiener Vereines zur Förderung des physikalischen und chemischen Unterrichtes, Jahrgang 1916, Heft 1; 14 pages). Helm, G. “Ernst Mach, dem naturwissenschaftlichen Denker, zum Gedächtnis.” (Abhandlungen der naturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft ISIS in Dresden, 1916; pages [45]-54). Höfler, A. “Ernst Mach.” (Sonderabdruck aus der Zeitschrift für den physikalischen und chemischen Unterricht. 29. Jahrgang, 2. Heft; März 1916; pages [57]-63 plus portrait). Petzoldt, Joseph. “Ernst Mach.” (Sonderabdruck au Kunstwart 29, 12; [2] pages). Lampa, Anton. “Ernst Mach.” (Sonderdruck aus der Monatschrift ‘Deutsche Arbeit’, Jahrgang 15, Heft 11, pages [608]-619). Baege, M.H. Die Naturphilosophie von Ernst Mach. Berlin: Psychologisch-Soziologischer Verlag, 1916 (31 pages). Lampa, Anton. Ernst Mach. Prag: Verlag Deutsche Arbeit, 1918 (64 pages)

An unidentified item, probably a printed booklet (based on the size of the frame cut into the preceding leaves that would have surrounded the document) has been removed from one of the endleaves

Scrapbook containing a mixture of mounted or tipped-in materials, including: 99 letters (typescript and holograph, dating from between 1865-1915; some of the typescript letters were mechanically reproduced; some include hand-drawn diagrams); 40 postcards (typed and holograph); 7 calling cards; portraits and photographs; 1 telegram; 2 holograph manuscripts; 8 newspaper excerpts (obituaries); 2 memorial booklets (1916, 1918); and 13 journal articles by Einstein, Gomperz, Popper, and others”

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