Cinema & filosofia: Derrida



Film documentario del 2002 diretto da Kirby Dick e Amy Ziering Kofman sul filosofo Deridda.

“The film uses interviews shot by the filmmakers, footage of Derrida’s lectures and speaking engagements, and personal footage of Derrida at home with his friends and family. In several scenes, Ziering Kofman also reads excerpts from Derrida’s work or otherwise describes aspects of his life.

Derrida also focuses on Derrida’s thesis that scholars tend to ignore important biographical information when discussing philosophers’ lives.[1] In one scene, Derrida comments that he would be most interested in hearing about famous philosophers’ sex lives because this topic is seldom addressed in their writings. The filmmakers respond to many of these criticisms by probing Derrida on various aspects of his own personal life, though he usually refuses to answer directly questions about himself.

The film also follows Derrida during a trip to South Africa where he visits Nelson Mandela’s former prison cell and discusses forgiveness with university students. Derrida states that his own childhood experiences with anti-Semitism have heightened his sensitivity to racial issues.” (tratto da Wikipedia)

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