eBook di filosofia: J. Espinosa, La religión natural en Spinoza


Javier Espinosa, La religión natural en Spinoza. Algunas consideraciones desde Kant, Schleiermacher, Bonhoeffer y Cox

“There are three kinds of discourse about religion and God in the Spinoza’s philosophy. First, there is a bitter criticism against the superstitious religion. Secondly, he develops a philosophy which fits in with the true nature of Deus seu Natura. But he thinks it is necessary to build a bridge between the superstitious religion and the true philosophy because it is impossible for the majority of human beings to arrive directly there. This bridge is the Christianity as cleared by Spinoza of dogmas, rites, supernatural components and elements which are not universal. It is a religion which only involves practicing the justice and the charity. Although scholars have usually taken more interest in his criticism of the superstitious religion and his philosophy about God, this third discourse about religion is essential to his thought. In this article the author wants to improve the understanding of Spinoza’s thought about it by means of comparing his ideas with the ideas of some of the most representative thinkers of the following centuries: Kant, Schleiermacher, Bonhoeffer and Cox.”

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