Acta Structuralica: una rivista online dedicata allo strutturalismo


Acta Structuralica è la rivista online internazionale che pubblica saggi, materiali di archivio, bibliografie e traduzioni sullo strutturalismo e sulla sua storia visti da una prospettiva multidisciplinare (antropologica, culturale, filosofica, psicologica)

La rivista è aperta a contributi in lingua inglese, francese, tedesca, russa e spagnola. I contributi accettati vengono subito pubblicati in versione digitale e presentati in ordine cronologico. Vengono inoltre pubblicati numeri tematici.

“In its heyday in the 1960s, “structuralism” was one of the most influential movements in the human and social sciences.  That influence, however, was always contentious and waned as soon as the early 1970s. Since then, structuralism has attracted rather sporadic attention, usually focused on specific figures such as Ferdinand de Saussure, Claude Lévi-Strauss or Roland Barthes. It has also been dismissed as a coherent, productive method and relegated instead to the status of a passing “fad”. Against this background, the aim of Acta Structuralica is to provide a strong venue where research on all aspects of structuralism can aggregate and coalesce into renewed approaches and coherent perspectives on what, we firmly believe, is still a foundational paradigm.

The scope of the journal will be fundamentally interdisciplinary, spanning linguistics and literary theory, of course, but also anthropology, biology, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology, semiotics or indeed mathematics and physics. Its focus will be as much historical (or historiographical) as theoretical, seeking to unfold the full conceptual scope of structuralism by interrogating its often neglected sources, the paths of their development and their contemporary potential and applications.”


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