Aesthetic Investigations: la rivista online dedicata all’estetica

Aesthetic Investigations

Aesthetic Investigations è la rivista online della Dutch Association of Aesthetics che si propone di animare e di suscitare il dibattito filosofico in campo estetico.

Aesthetic Investigations encourages philosophical discussion amongst philosophers, humanities researchers and critics, of all the arts; and those interested in the aesthetics of the everyday—about art and aesthetics and their roles in society. Aesthetic Investigations also encourages debates about philosophical issues regarding one or the other of the art forms; the impact of works of art on their public, political, ethical, cultural context, and of these contexts on the works; the ontology of art, and their definition, and so on.

Aesthetic Investigations encourages reports of artistic research activities. The Arts & Artists-section is devoted to the contribution of artistic scrutiny and artistic research and includes art-critical discussion, texts written by artists, interviews with artists as well as with philosophers of art.

The Fresh-section is not peer-reviewed, and is devoted to shorter pieces introducing fresh new thrilling considerations, that may not immediately fit within the academic debates. This section also allows criticism of articles from the Articles-section. Criticism of articles from other journals shall count as articles.


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