eBook di filosofia: G. Simondon, The Essence Of Technicity


Gilbert Simondon, The Essence Of Technicity

“Gilbert Simondon (1924-1989) was a French philosopher best known for his work on individuation and technology. A student of philosopher of science Georges Canguilhem, Martial Guéroult, phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Jean Hyppolyte, Simondon’s theory of individuation had a major influence on the work of Gilles Deleuze as well as Bernard Stiegler, Brian Massumi, Adrian Mackenzie and many others.

He studied at the École normale supérieure in Ulm and the Sorbonne, defending his doctoral dissertations in 1958. His main thesis, L’individuation à la lumière des notions de Forme et d’Information, was published in two parts–the first in 1964 under the title L’Individu et sa génèse physico-biologique at PUF, while it is only in 1989 that Aubier published the second part, L’Individuation psychique et collective. While his main thesis, which laid the foundations of his thinking, was not widely read until it was reviewed by Gilles Deleuze in 1966, his complementary thesis, Du Mode d’existence des objets techniques was published by Aubier shortly after being completed (1958). In 2005, Jérôme Millon published a complete edition of the main thesis.” (tratto da Monoskop.org)


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