eBook di filosofia: M. Pascali, Estetica ed etica del “cibo-senza cibo”


Michelangelo Pascali, Estetica ed etica del “cibo-senza cibo”

“The excess of food – so typical to our Western civilization – has paradoxically brought about the fact that we concentrate on managing a surplus rather than a deficit. This shift both from our daily natural necessity to feed ourselves and from our natural need has generated a further separation from nature itself. This process, thrusting its roots in the cultural history of rational modern man, is connected with a new way of seeing the role, the figure, and the social image of modern man himself. With its originality, today’s food-related collective thought can adequately indicate these major developments. As a matter of fact, the presentation of the “void” and of the “artificial” represents a binding criterion to adjust to in offering some courses/dishes which are the expression of social belonging and status.”

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