eBook di filosofia: Philosophy for Global Learning tried and tested stimuli



Il testo è una risorsa flessibile e pratica di filosofia per bambini pensata per gli  insegnanti ed è frutto del Global Schools Project che ha come finalità il rafforzamento dell’apprendimento nelle scuole elementari.

There are three sections to the book:

  • Green – Introductions and Information
  • Blue – The P4C Session
  • Orange – Resources Used in the Sessions
The green section introduces the project and explains how and why it came about. There is also an introduction to Philosophy for Children and Global Learning. Following this are information pages about the 8 key concepts of Global Learning and how to question your children’s knowledge in each area plus a guide to using the 4 different ways of thinking that develop through P4C.
The blue section contains an introduction to a P4C session and the format used. Each part of the session has then been divided up in the book to allow you to pick and choose the activities and stimulus you wish to use. All of the stimuli have a global theme linked to one of the following: Global Citizenship, Human Rights, Social Justice, Conflict Resolution, Diversity, Sustainable Development, Interdependence, Values and Perceptions.
The orange section contains all the resources you will need for various activities and stimuli used in the sessions. Their requirement is indicated where you see this: Resource and will have a page number next to it



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