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Ernst Cassirer Papers: l’archivio Cassirer

[Ernst Cassirer at his desk, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library]

The Ernst Cassirer Papers  è l’archivio conservato presso la Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library dell’Università di Yale che contiene appunti di ricerca, annotazioni personali e lettere tra il filosofo tedesco e Hermann Cohen, Dimitry Gawronsky, Ernst Hoffmann e Raymond Klibansky.

Queste sono le serie in cui è strutturato l’archivio:

  • Essays and Lectures includes a number of pieces on Goethe as well as offprints and printed versions of Cassirer essays, the holograph drafts for many of which can be found in GEN MSS 98.
  • The Correspondence is organized into General Correspondence, which includes letters from Gertrud Bing and Fritz Saxl, Hermann Cohen, Dimitry Gawronsky, Ernst Hoffmann, Raymond Klibansky, and Aby Warburg, Third-Party Correspondence, which contains two letters between Kurt Reizler and Aby Warburg, discussing the University of Frankfurt’s offer of a chair in philosophy to Cassirer, and Family Correspondence, which contains letters from Ernst Cassirer to several of his immediate family. The Family Correspondence also contains an extensive run of letters from Ernst to Toni Cassirer for the years 1902-1943. This portion of the Cassirer correspondence is Restricted until 2021.
  • Series III, Personal Papers, consists mainly of materials documenting Cassirer’s academic career, such as degrees and membership certificates. Also included are a journal, early school notebooks, and a few photographs.
  • The Addition also includes a small group of Toni Cassirer Papers which, for the most part, pertain to her husband, almost all of them dating from after Ernst Cassirer’s death in 1945. The files include letters (mainly of condolence), several third-party letters, memorials, articles about Ernst Cassirer, and prints and clippings.
  • Series V., Papers from Grandchildren of Martin Cassirer , contains letters (principally to Martin Cassirer), copies of eulogies, clippings, and photographs.

In rete è presente solo l’inventario e alcune risorse digitalizzate.


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Frank Plumpton Ramsey Papers: l’archivio di Ramsey (1920-1930)

Nel portale della Digital Library dell’Università di Pittsburgh trovate i Frank Plumpton Ramsey Papers. É la collezione dei manoscritti scritti dal 1920 al 1930 che documentano il pensiero del logico e matematico inglese. Vi trovate le bozze di due dei lavori più importanti di Ramsey: The Foundations of Mathematics e On a Problem of Formal Logic, ma potete scorrere a video la copia personale del filosofo con le annotazioni del Tractatus of Wittgenstein e le osservazioni sul concetto di infinito che potrebbero essere state dettate dallo stesso Wittgenstein.

There is a long outline of the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, apparently prepared for discussions with Wittgenstein. Other notes deal with various aspects of Wittgenstein’s philosophy, logical theory, foundations of mathematics, the infinite, visual space, and solipsism. They bear headings like “Meaning,” “Reconsiderations of Causality, Probability,” “First Philosophy,” and “Existential Judgements.”

“Ramsey’s manner of organizing his material is not known nor are dates included for most of the documents, however, the material begins with his arrival at Cambridge and runs until his death, hence it all falls between 1920 and 1930. The papers have been kept in the order in which they were received. This guide attempts to provide information on the material based on this organization, due to the number of scholarly publications that have previously been published using this order”.

I materiali digitalizzati dell’archivio sono organizzati in queste sette serie:

  • Series I. The nature of truth – manuscript notes
  • Series II. General notes on philosophy and philosophy of science
  • Series III. Notes on various topics including Mathematics and Psychology
  • Series IV. Outlines, notes, and drafts of articles
  • Series V. Notes and materials on Mathematics and Mathematical Logic
  • Series VI. Materials from Ramsey’s undergraduate work
  • Series VII. Undergraduate notebooks and commentaries on Wittgenstein

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