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eBook di filosofia: S. Dasgupta, A History of Indian Philosophy


Surendranath Dasgupta, A History of Indian Philosophy (1922)



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History of Philosophy without any gaps: podcast di storia della filosofia


History of  Philosophy without any gaps è il portale che raccoglie podcast sulla storia della filosofia ad ampio raggio: è inclusa anche quella indiana e araba e in generale pensatori ritenuti “minori”.

Il portale è curato da Peter Adamson, docente di Filosofia presso Professor of Philosophy la  LMU di Monaco e il  King’s College di Londra.

“Basically it means that I cover minor figures as well as major ones, and try to tell a continuous story. I also take it to mean paying attention to material that is arguably not “philosophical,” but is at least of importance to the history of philosophy, such as natural science, theology and mysticism, as well as a fair amount of plain old historical context. On the blog I put up a series of “rules” for doing the history of philosophy, spelling out this methodology and its motivations at greater length. Two important consequences of the approach are that I am covering women in the history of philosophy as much as possible, and looking at non-Western cultures (apart from the aforementioned series on India, Islamic philosophy has already been dealt with in immense detail).”


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The Indian of Philosophy Blog: un blog dedicato alla filosofia indiana


Vi segnaliamo The Indian of Philosophy Blog. A group blog of scholars exploring Indian philosophy che, creato nel gennaio 2014 da Elisa Freschi and Amod Lele, si propone di contribuire allo studio e alla ricerca della filosofia indiana.

“The Indian Philosophy Blog is a venue for the discussion of Indian (South Asian) philosophy, however defined. All periods of Indian thought from the ancient to the modern, and all Indian philosophical schools, can be discussed here. We expect the blog to consist above all of substantive reflection on topics related to Indian philosophy, though we will also post announcements such as calls for papers”

Vi segnaliamo Resources, la sezione in cui sono segnalate risorse bibliografiche presenti in rete sull’argomento (enciclopedie, dizionari, database, bibliografie, tool e programmi di corsi universitari)

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