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Wiki Studies: la rivista online sul rapporto tra Wikipedia e apprendimento/istruzione


Wiki Studies è la nuova rivista online interdisciplinare che inizierà a pubblicare il primo marzo 2017. Al momento è aperta una “call for submissions”.

La rivista si propone di approfondire il rapporto tra Wikipedia e apprendimento/istruzione superiore prendendo in esame le diverse e complesse implicazioni (pedagogiche, epistemologiche…).


Topics can include:

How is the practice of teaching and learning affected by Wikipedia? What are the best practices of teaching and learning with Wikipedia? How have students’ lives been impacted by classroom practices involving Wikipedia? How has Wikipedia integration into other educational settings changed their impact? What skills or components constitute digital literacy in using Wikipedia?


What counts as knowledge? Who decides? What is the relationship between knowledge produced by experts and knowledge produced on Wikipedia? How does access to knowledge affect its value?

 Production of Knowledge on Wikipedia

How does the operation of Wikipedia impact human understanding? How do Wikipedia’s systems of governance impact the creation of knowledge? What do Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites contribute to our collective digital record and heritage? How does Wikipedia operate as a starting point for research and discovery?  How and why are Wikipedia’s volunteers engaged to contribute?

How does bias affect knowledge production? How does information produced on Wikipedia reflect or perpetuate existing biases in knowledge? How can Wikipedia become less biased, both in its content and its contributor base?
How does the mission of Wikipedia to make freely accessible the sum of all human knowledge affect the missions of institutions of higher education? How does the success of Wikipedia in providing public access to knowledge affect the role and mission of academic disciplines, knowledge professionals, and educational institutions ?
How reliable is knowledge produced on Wikipedia, and how would we know?



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Ricerche di Pedagogia e Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education: la rivista online di pedagogia

testata rivista pedagogia

Ricerche di Pedagogia e Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education è la rivista online accademica dedicata alla studio e alla ricerca in campo pedagogico.

” The Journal takes an interdisciplinary and pluri-methodological approach. It offers a place of dialogue for researchers and professionals coming from diverse theoretical and empirical backgrounds, involved in the study of educational phenomena. It is an intellectual forum of excellence for the circulation of scientific knowledge regarding education. It welcomes critical papers, research reports, historical and literary research inspired by diverse theoretical frameworks and empirical approaches. It is committed to facilitating international dialogue between researchers and professionals in education and ensuring that scientific knowledge can make a contribution to educational policies and everyday educational practices.”

La rivista è articolata in quattro sezioni tematiche:

  • Didactics: theories, settings and tools
  • History, stories and narrative in education
  • Society and cultures in education
  • Theories, models and contexts in education

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