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eBook di filosofia: I. Brancasi, Architettura e Illuminismo: filosofia e progetti di città nel tardo Settecento francese


Irene Brancasi, Architettura e Illuminismo: filosofia e progetti di città nel tardo Settecento francese

Tesi di dottorato discussa presso l’Università degli Studi di Firenze, 2013

“This research focuses on the representation of the city in France at the end of the Old Regime, paying a particular attention to the contribution of architectural theory. The starting point is the analysis of a heterogeneous literature, which points out the need for a new observation of the urban space together with the possibility of a radical and material change. This intellectual reflection is observed from numerous reform projects as well as from the imagination of an ideal city drawn by the utopic literature; these texts are proposed in the wake of the link between reform and utopia established by Franco Venturi and Bronislaw Baczko. However, the core of this research is the representation of the city developed by the architectural theory and especially by the thought of two artists, Étienne-Louis Boullée (1728-1799) and Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (1736-1806). Based on some philosophical, social and cultural enlightenment ideas, both of them elaborate an image of the city whose transformation can give birth to a new society. In their thought, architecture becomes a real social art, essential to a new social design and to human emancipation. Their theory and their architectural planning have a double purpose: to receive the man”

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