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eBook di filosofia: D. Game, Human and Machine Consciousness


David Game, Human and Machine Consciousness

“Human and Machine Consciousness presents a new foundation for the scientific study of consciousness. It sets out a bold interpretation of consciousness that neutralizes the philosophical problems and explains how we can make scientific predictions about the consciousness of animals, brain-damaged patients and machines.

Gamez interprets the scientific study of consciousness as a search for mathematical theories that map between measurements of consciousness and measurements of the physical world. We can use artificial intelligence to discover these theories and they could make accurate predictions about the consciousness of humans, animals and artificial systems. Human and Machine Consciousness also provides original insights into unusual conscious experiences, such as hallucinations, religious experiences and out-of-body states, and demonstrates how ‘designer’ states of consciousness could be created in the future.

Gamez explains difficult concepts in a clear way that closely engages with scientific research. His punchy, concise prose is packed with vivid examples, making it suitable for the educated general reader as well as philosophers and scientists. Problems are brought to life in colourful illustrations and a helpful summary is given at the end of each chapter. The endnotes provide detailed discussions of individual points and full references to the scientific and philosophical literature.”

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Articoli e saggi free nel sito dell’Association for the Scientific Study of Consciouness


L’Association for the Scientific Study of Consciouness (ASSC) si propone di promuovere studi e ricerche sulla natura, funzione e sui meccanismi della coscienza.

Nel sito dell’ASSC potete trovare le annate dal 1994 al 2010 di Psyche, la rivista online dedicata a questi temi, e un’elenco di articoli e saggi (a testo pieno) dei membri dell’associazioni su queste tematiche.

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