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Project Agon: bibliografia e banca dati sulle “dispute” di età moderna


Il Project Agon. La dispute: cas, querelle, controverse and création à l’époque moderne è l’interessante progetto di ricerca online sulle dispute che videro “fronteggiarsi” in età moderna in Francia e in Inghilterra letterati, filosofi e scienziati e sul loro rapporto con la produzione scritta.

All’interno del ricco sito vi segnaliamo:

  • la bibliografia
  • la banca dati AGON che riporta per ogni voce le informazioni sulle dispute (partecipanti, cronologia, bibliografia, documenti…). É possibile fare ricerche per persona, data, tema e scorrere tutte le dispute inserite.

“The major debates of the early modern period probed epistemological, religious and philosophical questions. They divided scholars and intellectuals across the Republic of Letters. These conflicts were both local and had repercussions throughout Europe, were formulated in a variety of genres from treatises to correspondence, periodicals to pamphlets. They grew out of meetings and discussions in salons, clubs, Academies and cafés. It is thus essential to get a sense of the practices and interactions at play in these milieu: the developing literary field in France is characterised by both the world of the salons (a female, mondain space), and that of the academies (a male, scholarly space); but the querelles tended to transcend these two worlds.  In England, the spaces of cultural and literary interaction were different, composed of coffee-houses, clubs, academies and societies. But in both countries, the modus operandi of these spaces encouraged participants to think about their practice, and sometimes, their discipline. Distinctions between areas of knowledge, between ways of thinking and writing were debated, giving rise to new conceptions of genre and discipline.”

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