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Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis (ATPP): una rivista online sulla filosofia dell’educazione

ATTPAnalytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis (ATPP) è la rivista online a revisione paritaria dell’Università di Viterbo dedicata all’esplorazione delle implicazioni filosofiche ed etiche del processo educativo.

The new mission of Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis is to provide a forum for academics, researchers and educators interested in the critical interplay between the disciplines of philosophy and education, in both their theoretical and practical modes. The journal continues the previous focus of Analytic Teaching on Philosophy for Children and the Community of Inquiry, while seeking to expand and deepen the dialogue between philosophy and education. The journal welcomes submissions in three broad categories:

1. Theoretical essays that explore the works of particular philosophers or philosophical traditions as these bear on pedagogical issues, or that critically assess educational theories, practices and policies from a philosophical perspective.

2. Empirical research, evaluation reports and reflective essays on philosophical practice in educational con- texts or with pedagogical implications.

3. Research that specifically explores themes germane to Philosophy for Children and the Community of Inquiry.

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