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eBook di filosofia: G. Signoracci, Hegel on Indian Philosophy: Spinozism, Romanticism, Eurocentrism


Gino Signoracci, Hegel on Indian Philosophy: Spinozism, Romanticism, Eurocentrism

Tesi di dottorato discussa presso l’Università del New Mexico

“This study examines nineteenth-century German philosopher G.W.F. Hegel’s appraisal of philosophies of India. In Hegel’s time, classical Indian texts such as the Vedas, Upaniṣads, and Bhagavadgītā had only recently been translated into European languages, and were generating tremendous controversy. Hegel carved out a unique and hugely influential position by devotedly reading fledgling translations of source texts alongside European interpretations, attempting to comprehend the philosophical significance of Indian thought. Hegel’s legacy proved deeply problematic, however, both because his views were not entirely consistent or unambiguous over time, and because his evident relegation of Indian ideas to pre- or unphilosophical status became the dominant practice among Europeans and Westerners through the twentieth century even while Hegel’s star, relatively speaking, went into a period of decline. While Hegel spent much more time and space discussing Indian philosophy in detail than did many philosophers who succeeded him in Europe and elsewhere, today his philosophy is too-frequently either reflexively labeled Eurocentric to legitimize ignoring or summarily dismissing it, or studied and written about exclusively in the context of “Western” ideas as if India were of little or no serious concern to him.

This work first situates Hegel’s interest in and attention to Indian ideas in the context of the philosophical trends of Spinozism and Romanticism that he sought to navigate from his earliest forays into theology and philosophy. It then interrogates his analyses and judgments of Indian philosophical systems over the course of his career, revealing the increasing depth and innovation in his engagement with India over time while also critiquing his readings of Indian texts and his characterizations of Indian thought and culture. In doing so, it endeavors to supply the complete account of Hegel’s approach to Indian philosophy in its full complexity.”

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eBook di filosofia: M.-H., Gorisse, Logic in the tradition of Prabhacandra

Filosofia indiana

Marie-Hélène Gorisse, Logic in the tradition of Prabhacandra

“The characterization of truth-preserving arguments is a core issue in India and received the detailed attention of philosophers. This chapter presents Prabhācandra’s theory of inference from the eleventh century, stressing its uniqueness and detailed critique of Dignāga and Dharmakīrti. In Prabhācandra’s framework, the inferential evidence has not three but just one characteristic, “being impossible otherwise.” The epistemological problem of the means to know when evidence has this characteristic is solved without regress by appeal to a non-inferential source of knowing, the “discernment of universals” (tarka). Finally, important advances in the role of negation in logical inference are related to a greater emphasis on linguistic form.”

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eBook di filosofia: S. Dasgupta, A History of Indian Philosophy


Surendranath Dasgupta, A History of Indian Philosophy (1922)


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The Indian of Philosophy Blog: un blog dedicato alla filosofia indiana


Vi segnaliamo The Indian of Philosophy Blog. A group blog of scholars exploring Indian philosophy che, creato nel gennaio 2014 da Elisa Freschi and Amod Lele, si propone di contribuire allo studio e alla ricerca della filosofia indiana.

“The Indian Philosophy Blog is a venue for the discussion of Indian (South Asian) philosophy, however defined. All periods of Indian thought from the ancient to the modern, and all Indian philosophical schools, can be discussed here. We expect the blog to consist above all of substantive reflection on topics related to Indian philosophy, though we will also post announcements such as calls for papers”

Vi segnaliamo Resources, la sezione in cui sono segnalate risorse bibliografiche presenti in rete sull’argomento (enciclopedie, dizionari, database, bibliografie, tool e programmi di corsi universitari)

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Bibliography of Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophy


Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophy. Bibliography è il sito che contiene la versione ampliata della Bibliografia curata da Karl H. Popper (docente presso l’Università di Washington) e apparsa nel primo volume dell’Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies. Di questa enciclopedia sono state prodotte tre edizioni a stampa (prima edizione nel 1970, seconda edizione riveduta nel 1983  e la terza edizione riveduta del 1995).

In questo sito troverete sia la bibliografia dei testi della letteratura filosofica dell’India durante la fase classica e la bibliografia secondaria sulla filosofia indiana (per la maggior parte, in lingua inglese). E’ presente inoltre l’indice dei testi (in ordine di titolo), degli  autori e degli argomenti.

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