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J. G. Herder’s Student Notes from Immanuel Kant’s Metaphysics Lectures: il sito delle trascrizioni degli appunti di Herder delle lezioni di Kant


J. G. Herder’s Student Notes from Immanuel Kant’s Metaphysics Lectures è il sito “in progress” che riporta le trascrizioni, non ancora ultimate, degli appunti di Herder delle lezioni di Kant. Herder frequentò l’ateneo di Königsberg per sei semestri dall’estate del 1762 al novembre del 1764.

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) lectured on philosophy at the university at Königsberg for forty-one years, from the winter semester of 1755/56 until the summer semester of 1796. He eventually assumed the professorship of Logic and Metaphysics (beginning with winter 1770/71), but for his first fifteen years he taught as an unsalaried Privatdozent.

Midway through this time an almost eighteen-year-old Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803) arrived from his hometown of Mohrungen and enrolled at the university as a theology student. Kant allowed Herder to attend all of his lectures for free, which Herder did — sometimes more than once — and he took extensive notes. The largest set of notes come from the metaphysics lectures, followed by physical geography and moral philosophy. Much smaller sets come from the lectures on physics, logic, and mathematics.

Herder arrived in Königsberg in the summer of 1762 and he left on November 22, 1764, to assume a teaching post at the cathedral school in Riga. His stay in Königsberg therefore overlapped with six semesters at the university, beginning with the latter half of summer 1762, and Herder’s very first lecture notes are dated from this time: 21 August 1762 (see the image, above, from one of his notebooks).

These are the earliest notes that we have from Kant’s lectures, and the only notes from his years as a Privatdozent. Previous transcriptions had been prepared and published by Menzer (1911; selections), Irmscher (1962), and Lehmann (1968/1970; AA 28). This website provides an improved transcription of Herder’s notes from Kant’s metaphysics lectures. […]

The Herder notes consist of 138 manuscript pages drawn from a collection of loose sheets of papers, sets of folded sheets forming signatures of varying length (some of which had been sewn together at one time), and passages from two bound notebooks (Brown, 4°; Blue, 8°) that also include poems, drafts of essays, and other miscellanea. These notes are grouped into thirteen sets, based on similarity of format and content, and range in length from 1 to 42 pages. “

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Select Herder Bibliography: una bibliografia su Herder

Select Herder bibliography è la bibliografia curata da Tino Markworth dedicata ad Herder che è articolata in tre parti:

  • PART ONE provides an annotated overview of the most important bibliographies, reference works, collected editions and individual works (German and English), editions of his correspondence, and biographies.

  • PART TWO provides a topically arranged selection of criticism.  Il curatore ha scelto i contributi  in base alla data di pubblicazione (preferite quelle più recenti), al genere e alla rilevanza. La quantità dei contributi prodotti su Herder è infatti rilevante: fino al 1976 (dopo 173 anni dalla sua morte)  si aggirava intorno alle  3.000 citazioni. Come spiega il curatore, “older entries are only included if they prove to be important contributions to the topic — so only a few entries published in the 1970s or before and a small number from the 1980s have been included; most of the publications listed are from the 1990s and beyond. Generally, I intended to include only books in this part of the bibliography but a few times I strayed from my intentions if an article was particularly relevant or interesting. Personal interest accounts for the more numerous selections in the fields of History, Philosophy and Religion. I hope to add more material as times goes by. Suggestions are always welcome”.

  • PART THREE provides a comprehensive, chronologically arranged list of 32 collections (usually conference proceedings) devoted exclusively to Herder.

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