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eBook di filosofia: P. Giordanetti, R. Pozzo, M. Sgarbi (a cura di), Kant’s Philosophy of the Unconscious


Piero Giordanetti, Riccardo Pozzo, Marco Sgarbi (a cura di), Kant’s Philosophy of the Unconscious

“The present volume aims to assess Kants account of the unconscious in its manifold aspects, and to discuss it from various perspectives: psychological, epistemological, anthroprological, and moral. We aim to show Kants relevance for future discussions on the topic. Kants philosophy of the unconscious has for a long time been a neglected topic in Kant scholarship, especially in English language publications. […]

The purpose of the present volume is to fill a substantial gap in Kant research while offering a comprehensive survey of the topic in different areas of investigation, such as history of philosophy, philosophy of mind, aesthetics, moral philosophy, and anthropology. The essays collected in the volume show that the unconscious raises relevant problems for instance in the theory of knowledge, as non-conceptual contents and obscure representations (Kitcher, Heidemann). In the philosophy of mind, it
bears on the topic of the unity of the consciousness and the notion of the transcendental self (Crone, Schulting). It is a key-topic of logic with respect to the distinction between determinate-indeterminate judgments (Lee), and to mental activity (Duque, Rockmore). In aesthetics, the problem of the unconscious appears in connection with the problems of reflective judgments and of the genius (Otabe, Giordanetti). Finally, it is a relevant issue also in anthropology and moral philosophy in defining the irrational aspects of the human being (Pollock, Snchez Madrid, Tuppini).”

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