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eBook di filosofia: R. Fumagalli, Philosophical foundations of Neuroeconomics: Economics and the revolutionary challenge from Neuroscience


Roberto Fumagalli, Philosophical foundations of neuroeconomics: economics and the revolutionary challenge from neuroscience

Tesi di dottorato discussa presso “The London School of Economics and Political Science” (2011)

“This PhD thesis focuses on the philosophical foundations of Neuroeconomics, an innovative research program which combines findings and modelling tools from economics, psychology and neuroscience to account for human choice behaviour. The proponents of Neuroeconomics often manifest the ambition to foster radical modifications in the accounts of choice behaviour developed by its parent disciplines. This enquiry provides a philosophically informed appraisal of the potential for success and the relevance of neuroeconomic research for economics. My central claim is that neuroeconomists can help other economists to build more predictive and explanatory models, yet are unlikely to foster revolutionary modifications in the economic theory of choice. The contents are organized as follows. In chapters 1-2, I present neuroeconomists’ investigative tools, distinguish the most influential approaches to neuroeconomic research and reconstruct the case in favour of a neural enrichment of economic theory. In chapters 3-7, I combine insights from neuro-psychology, economic methodology and philosophy of science to develop a systematic critique of Neuroeconomics. In particular, I articulate four lines of argument to demonstrate that economists are provisionally justified in retaining a methodologically distinctive approach to the modelling of decision making. My first argument points to several evidential and epistemological concerns which complicate the interpretation of neural data and cast doubt on the inferences neuroeconomists often make in their studies. My second argument aims to show that the trade-offs between the modelling desiderata that neuroeconomists and other economists respectively value severely constrain the incorporation of neural insights into economic models. My third argument questions neuroeconomists’ attempts to develop a unified theory of choice behaviour by identifying some central issues on which they hold contrasting positions. My fourth argument differentiates various senses of the term ‘revolution’ and illustrates that neuroeconomists are unlikely to provide revolutionary contributions to economic theory in any of these senses.”

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Neuroethics: la rivista online dedicata alla neuroetica


Neuroethics è l’interessante rivista open-access dedicata alla neuroetica e in generale alle neuroscienze che ha iniziato le sue pubblicazioni nel 2008.

“The focus is on ethical issues posed by new technologies developed via neuroscience, such as psycho-pharmaceuticals and other ways of intervening in the mind; the practice of neuroscience itself, including problems posed by incidental findings in imaging work on research subjects; regulation of neuroscientific technologies, and ways in which the sciences of the mind illuminate traditional moral and philosophical problems, such as the nature of free will and moral responsibility, self-deception, weakness of the will and the nature of personhood. This important publication covers the dual areas of neuroethics: the ethics of neuroscience and the neuroscience of ethics. It offers comprehensive bibliographies, reviews of significant literature, information on activities including partial proceedings of selected meetings, and an opinions section for reader commentaries”

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Neuroethics Bibliography: una bibliografia aggiornata sulla neuroetica


Neuroethics Bibliography è l’interessante e ricca bibliografia curata dal Research Group on Neuroethics/Neurophilosophy dell’Università Johannes Gutenberg di Mainz.

La bibliografia, che  segnala articoli e saggi sulla neuroetica pubblicati dal 1985 ad oggi, si propone di fornire un primo approccio a questa disciplina. Se si richiede l’autentificazione, è possibile inserire nuove segnalazioni o correggere quelle presenti.

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