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Renaissance Skin: il sito dedicato alla pelle in età moderna


Renaissance Skin è il sito dell’omonimo gruppo di ricerca del King’s College di Londra, coordinato dalla prof.ssa Evelyn Welch, che si propone di studiare come la pelle, umana e animale, sia stata “vista” e “usata” in Europa tra il 1450 e il 1700. L’ambito di indagine è interdisciplinare  con apporti di ambito estetico, di storia della medicina e della scienza in generale.

Skin had a multiplicity of meanings in Renaissance Europe, where it was often seen as a mesh rather than a barrier. One example that illustrates this is when considering hair. In this period, hair was regarded as a vapour that hardened after passing through the pores of the scalp. And so, Renaissance treatises on skin included baldness, as well as pox, when discussing diseases.

The connections and divide between human and animal skin are also key to our understanding of how skin was characterised, leading to broader questions of what separated men and women from beasts.

The project explores

  1. The changing notions of human and animal skin in Europe between 1450 and 1700 through textual, material, and visual evidence;
  2. The ways in which human and animal skins were connected, differentiated, and displayed both morally and physically;
  3. The concepts of colour and complexion in an increasingly globalised world;
  4. The relationship between diseases that disfigured the surfaces of the body, skin care, cosmetics, and clothing.

The aim for our 5 years is to create an interdisciplinary, medical humanities approach to Renaissance skin (human and animal) in Europe, 1450-1700, and break down the divide between the study of human and animal skin diseases.”

Nel sito trovate delle tematiche di indagine e gli eventi e le conferenze sul tema.


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