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Aesthetic Investigations: la rivista online dedicata all’estetica

Aesthetic Investigations

Aesthetic Investigations è la rivista online della Dutch Association of Aesthetics che si propone di animare e di suscitare il dibattito filosofico in campo estetico.

Aesthetic Investigations encourages philosophical discussion amongst philosophers, humanities researchers and critics, of all the arts; and those interested in the aesthetics of the everyday—about art and aesthetics and their roles in society. Aesthetic Investigations also encourages debates about philosophical issues regarding one or the other of the art forms; the impact of works of art on their public, political, ethical, cultural context, and of these contexts on the works; the ontology of art, and their definition, and so on.

Aesthetic Investigations encourages reports of artistic research activities. The Arts & Artists-section is devoted to the contribution of artistic scrutiny and artistic research and includes art-critical discussion, texts written by artists, interviews with artists as well as with philosophers of art.

The Fresh-section is not peer-reviewed, and is devoted to shorter pieces introducing fresh new thrilling considerations, that may not immediately fit within the academic debates. This section also allows criticism of articles from the Articles-section. Criticism of articles from other journals shall count as articles.

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AMA Journal of Ethics: una rivista online di etica medica


AMA Journal of Ethics è la rivista online pubblicata dall’American Medical Association di etica medica che si rivolge ai medici e agli studenti di medicina. La rivista è indicizzata in MEDLINE.

“Each monthly issue contains original articles and commentary on a given theme-e.g., access to care; quality-of-life considerations in clinical decision making, public roles of physicians, ethical issues in a given medical specialty, new medical technologies, conflict of values in the clinic, and so on.”


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Temporalités: la rivista online dedicata al tempo


La rivista Temporalités. Revue de sciences sociales et humaines è la rivista online interdisciplinare che si propone di pubblicare articoli e saggi di riflessione sui diversi usi del tempo e sui diversi “tempi”.

“La revue Temporalités favorise toutes les initiatives interdisciplinaires autour des questions de temporalité et notamment celles qui paraissent les plus prometteuses : fondements des distinctions entre les temps ; articulation et conflits entre temporalités ; confrontations de diverses conceptions, usages, et langages du temps ; modes d’historicité des disciplines ; confrontations de catégorisations philosophiques à des travaux empiriques…

La revue publie des travaux d’épistémologie et d’histoire des disciplines dès lors qu’ils sont ancrés dans des données empiriques et nourris d’une maîtrise des grands débats anthropologiques sur le temps. La revue, sans se vouloir philosophique, n’exclut pas de publier des articles liant des philosophies du temps à des débats théoriques dans les sciences humaines et sociales.”

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SIGNATA. Annales des sémiotique: la rivista online dedicata alla semiotica

logo SIGNATA. Annales des sémiotique

SIGNATA. Annales des sémiotique/ Annals of Semiotics è una rivista annuale online che pubblica articoli e saggi in lingua francese e inglese con due grandi aree di interesse: la filosofia del linguaggio e la semiotica.

” La revue ne privilégie aucune théorie, aucune école ou aucun objet d’étude en particulier : son but est de nourrir la sémiotique comme projet disciplinaire. La revue vise d’une part à recenser les questions actuellement discutées dans le domaine des sciences du langage et de l’autre à structurer des axes de recherche sémiotique internationalement reconnus.”

La revue vise d’une part à recenser les questions actuellement discutées dans le domaine des sciences du langage et de l’autre à structurer des axes de recherche sémiotique internationalement reconnus. Sans se soucier des frontières géographiques, elle porte une attention toute particulière aux bibliographies récentes et aux débats de la dernière décennie sur le monde du sens et les procès de la signification. En même temps, elle propose d’articuler ces études autour d’un ensemble de concepts et de problématiques clé, que chaque numéro met en avant, de manière à profiler un projet disciplinaire global.”


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Antropologism & Materialism: una rivista online di antropologia della cultura materiale

logo Antropologism & Materialism

Antropologism & Materialism. A journal of  social research è la rivista online accademica sulla relazione feconda tra antropologia e antropologia della cultura materiale che si ispira al pensiero di Walter Benjamin.

” A platform of interdisciplinary dialogue on anthropological materialism and materialist anthropology, the Journal engages in historical, cultural and social analysis from critical perspectives that embrace a wide theoretical spectrum”.

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Philopsis: la rivista sui temi dei concorsi d’agrégations externe e interne

Philopsis è una rivista filosofica in linea per gli insegnanti della scuola secondaria che pubblica dossier sulle tematiche dei concorsi nazionali francesi d'”agrégations externe e interne”.

La rivista si propone di essere infatti uno spazio di dialogo e scambio tra studenti, docenti di filosofia e università.

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Acta Structuralica: una rivista online dedicata allo strutturalismo


Acta Structuralica è la rivista online internazionale che pubblica saggi, materiali di archivio, bibliografie e traduzioni sullo strutturalismo e sulla sua storia visti da una prospettiva multidisciplinare (antropologica, culturale, filosofica, psicologica)

La rivista è aperta a contributi in lingua inglese, francese, tedesca, russa e spagnola. I contributi accettati vengono subito pubblicati in versione digitale e presentati in ordine cronologico. Vengono inoltre pubblicati numeri tematici.

“In its heyday in the 1960s, “structuralism” was one of the most influential movements in the human and social sciences.  That influence, however, was always contentious and waned as soon as the early 1970s. Since then, structuralism has attracted rather sporadic attention, usually focused on specific figures such as Ferdinand de Saussure, Claude Lévi-Strauss or Roland Barthes. It has also been dismissed as a coherent, productive method and relegated instead to the status of a passing “fad”. Against this background, the aim of Acta Structuralica is to provide a strong venue where research on all aspects of structuralism can aggregate and coalesce into renewed approaches and coherent perspectives on what, we firmly believe, is still a foundational paradigm.

The scope of the journal will be fundamentally interdisciplinary, spanning linguistics and literary theory, of course, but also anthropology, biology, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology, semiotics or indeed mathematics and physics. Its focus will be as much historical (or historiographical) as theoretical, seeking to unfold the full conceptual scope of structuralism by interrogating its often neglected sources, the paths of their development and their contemporary potential and applications.”

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Journal of Somaesthetics: una rivista online di somaestetica


Journal of Somaesthetics è la giovane rivista online accademica dedicata alla somaestetica.

The Journal of Somaesthetics is a peer-reviewed, online, academic research journal devoted to research that advances the interdisciplinary field of somaesthetics, understood as the critical study and meliorative cultivation of the experience and performance of the living body (or soma) as a site of sensory appreciation (aesthesis) and creative self-stylization.

Somaesthetics is an interdisciplinary research product devoted to the critical study and meliorative cultivation of the experience and use of the living body (or soma) as a site of sensory appreciation (aesthesis) and creative self-stylization. An ameliorative discipline of both theory and practice, somaesthetics seeks to enrich not only our discursive knowledge of the body but also our lived somatic experience and performance; it aims to improve the meaning, understanding, efficacy, and beauty of our movements and of the environments to which our actions contribute and from which they also derive their energies and significance. To pursue these aims, somaesthetics is concerned with a wide diversity of knowledge forms, discourses, social practices and institutions, cultural traditions and values, and bodily disciplines that structure (or could improve) such somatic understanding and cultivation, and it is therefore an interdisciplinary project, in which theory and practice are closely connected and reciprocally nourish each other. It is not limited to one theoretical field, academic or professional vocabulary, cultural ideology, or particular set of bodily disciplines. Rather it aims to provide an overarching theoretical structure and a set of basic and versatile conceptual tools to enable a more fruitful interaction and integration of the very diverse forms of somatic knowledge currently being practiced and pursued. There is an impressive, even overwhelming abundance of discourse about the body in many disciplines of contemporary theory and commercial enterprise. But such somatic discourse typically lacks two important features. First, a structuring overview or architectonic that could integrate their very different discourses into a more productively coherent or interrelated field. It would be useful to have a broad framework (which does not mean a unified, highly consistent system) that could connect, for example, the discourse of biopolitics to the therapies of bioenergetics, the neuroscience of hand gestures to their aesthetic meaning in Nõ theater. The second feature lacking in most academic discourse on embodiment is a clear pragmatic orientation — something that the individual can clearly employ or apply to his or her life in terms of disciplines of improved somatic practice. Somaesthetics offers a way to address both these deficiencies.”

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Trivium. Revue franco-allemande de sciences humaines et sociales


Trivium. Revue franco-allemande de sciences humaines et sociales è una rivista online fondata nel 2008 e pubblicata dalle Éditions de la Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme in partenariato con il Deutsches Historisches Institut de Paris (DHI-Paris) che si propone di essere uno spazio di scambio e di collaborazione tra la cultura scientifica e accademica francofona e germanofona nel campo delle scienze umane e sociali.

Tutti gli articoli pubblicati sono infatti tradotti in lingua francese e tedesca e presentano sempre punti di vista originali e diversi.


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nostos. Laboratorio di ricerca storica e antropologica: una rivista online di antropologia


nostos. Laboratorio di ricerca storica e antropologica è la giovane rivista online di antropologia edita dall’Associazione internazionale Ernesto de Martino.

“Sulla rivista potranno trovare spazio testi volti ad approfondire temi legati alle ricerche di de Martino e ai suoi molteplici interessi, contributi di ricerca su tematiche antropologiche, filosofiche e storico-religiose, riflessioni su questioni culturali contemporanee. La rivista ospiterà anche recensioni di volumi e la riproduzione, opportunamente introdotta e commentata, di testi scelti all’interno del corpus demartiniano.”

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