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Rousseau è il sito, sviluppato in collaborazione con la Bibliothèque de Genève e con il progetto svizzero, che contiene la versione digitalizzata di tutta l’opera di Rousseau, così come venne pubblicata la prima volta, in 17 volumi, a Ginevra tra il 1780 e il 1789.

Il sito è articolato in queste sezioni:

  • table des matières: indice con la versione in html, EPUB e PDF dell’opera
  • images: le illustrazioni originali, le pagine dei titoli e le immagini contenute nei diversi capitoli
  • recherche: motore di ricerca testuale
  • carte interactive: mappa geografica-storica delle 400 lettere scritte da Rousseau tra il 1732 e il 1776 e pubblicate nell’edizione ginevrina.

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eBook di filosofia: P. Stewart, Éditer Rousseau. Enjeux d’un corpus (1750-2012)


Philip Stewart, Éditer Rousseau. Enjeux d’un corpus (1750-2012)

“Rousseau was always afraid that his works might be forged and that the Rousseau who reached future generations would be someone other than himself. Over a long period of time, he was most often in disagreement with Voltaire, except when they were both considered to be the most glorious or most reprehensible representatives of the Enlightenment.
Firstly here, through his correspondence and that of his printers and intermediaries, we follow his struggle to leave his works in safe hands, and then the long story, covering more than two and a half centuries, of the editions of his collected works in their many and controversial incarnations. Each edition obviously represents a financial investment but also an artistic, ideological, pedagogical, and even political, challenge.
This diachronic comparison draws together often inadequately catalogued material from a large number of libraries. There is, therefore, wide variety in terms of format, presentation, criticism and content. Finally, the 20th century saw the emergence of more scientific publications, the results of a large number of studies which culminated in the latest editions published to mark the author’s tercentenary.”


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eBook di filosofia: E. Dufourmont, La traduction du Discours sur les sciences et les arts par Nakae Chômin (1847-1901)

Nakae, Chomin

Eddy Dufourmont, La traduction du Discours sur les sciences et les arts par Nakae Chômin (1847-1901) : une critique de la modernisation du Japon au nom de Rousseau et de la démocratie

“Si Nakae Chômin est bien connu pour sa traduction du Contrat social, celle du Discours sur les sciences et les arts l’est moins. La prise en compte des traductions d’autres textes des républicains français éclaire d’un jour nouveau cette traduction et la place de Rousseau chez Chômin.”

“Statesman and thinker. Born in Kochi, the son of a samurai of the Kochi Clan. After studying French studies in Nagasaki and Edo, he went to France to study in 1871. Returning to Japan in 1874, Nakae opened Futsugaku Juku. In 1875, he became a gonsho-shokikan (lower-ranked secretary) of the Chamber of Elders but resigned in 1877. He helped found the “Toyo Jiyu Shimbun” (Oriental Free Press) in 1881 and became its chief editor. He became a theoretical leader of the Freedom and People’s Rights Movement, advocating French-style theory. In 1887, he was sentenced to a two-year exile from Tokyo under the Peace Preservation Law for criticizing high-handed ways of clan clique-based government. Although he was elected as one of the first members of the House of Representatives in 1890, he resigned the following year. He wrote and translated many books including a translation of Rousseau’s “Social Contract””Min’yaku-yaku-ge”, “Sansuijin keirin mondo” (A Discourse by Three Drunkards on Government), “Ichinen yuhan” (A Year and a Half).” (tratto da Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures)

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La prima edizione online delle opere di Rousseau, manoscritti annotati e bibliografia

Per ricordare il tricentenario della nascita di Jean Jacques Rousseau, vi segnaliamo queste risorse sul web.

Edizioni di Rousseau in linea:

Manoscritti di Rousseau:

Discours sur l’origine et les fondemens de l’inégalité parmi les hommes par Jean Jacques Rousseau citoyen de Geneve (Edité à Amsterdam par Marc Michel REY en 1755)

Du Contract social; ou Principes du droit politique, par J.J. Rousseau, citojen de Genéve (Edité à Amsterdam par Marc Michel REY en 1762)

Lettre de Jean-Jacques Rousseau à Préaudeau (Le 16 mai 1778, à Paris – Lettre autographe non signée – 22 x 16,5 cm – Dernière lettre missive de Rousseau retrouvée).

Annotations sur Le Sentiment des citoyens

Bibliographie mondiale de Rousseau


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