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Richard Rufus Project (RRP)


Richard Rufus Project (RRP) è il sito dell’omonimo e interessante progetto della Stanford University coordinato dalla Prof.ssa Rega Wood dell’Indiana University che mette in linea le edizioni delle opere di Riccardo Rufo di Cornovaglia.

RRP rescues from obscurity a great, but virtually unknown philosopher, Richard Rufus of Cornwall, who helped transform Western education and reintroduce Aristotle’s so-called libri naturales, his metaphysics and natural philosophy, to Western Europe. Before 1225, medieval scholastics were forbidden to lecture on the libri naturales, and medieval education was restricted to the seven liberal arts—music, ge-ometry, astronomy, grammar, logic etc. After 1250, thanks in part to Richard Rufus, logic focused on Aristotle’s more advanced logical works, and exams covered most of the libri naturales.

Aristotle’s libri naturales were fundamental to the development of Western civilization because they contained a comprehensive view, new to the West, of the workings of the cosmos and prompted Western thinkers to look to natural causes to explain observed phenomena and metaphysical quandaries. This outlook provided the foundation for medieval science and paved the way for the 17th century’s scientific revolution.”

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