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eBook di filosofia: C. Sini, Whitehead e la funzione della filosofia


Carlo Sini, Whitehead e la funzione della filosofia, Marsilio, Padova 1965

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Whitehead Research Project


Se siete interessati ad Alfred North Whithead, il filosofo e matematico inglese, vi segnaliamo il Whitehead Research Project, il portale della Claremont Graduate University dedicato al filosofo . Queste sono le finalità che si propone:

It explores and analyzes the relevance of Whitehead’s thought in dialogue with contemporary philosophies in order to unfold his philosophy of organism and its consequences for our time and in relation to emerging philosophical thought. Of particular interest is the investigation into the emergence of Whitehead’s philosophy in the context of British and American pragmatism, its complicated relation to Continental philosophy and the analytic tradition, the relevance of his thought in the discourse of post-modern paradigms of deconstruction and post-structuralism, and its creative impulse for developing process philosophies. Additionally, following Whitehead’s own inclination to reach beyond European modes of thought, WRP seeks to extend its horizon of research by fostering similar conversations with strains of Indian and East Asian thought, thereby exhibiting de facto mutual influence–e.g., with the Kyoto School of Buddhist philosophy”.

Nel sito trovate oltre alle segnalazioni di convegni e seminari dedicati al pensatore numerose risorse:

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