Go Philosophy: il blog del “Geography Philosophy Project”


Go Philosophy è il blog ufficiale del “Geography of Philosophy Project. An Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Exploration of Universality and Diversity in Fundamental Philosophical Concepts”.

Il progetto interidisciplinare si propone di indagare su tre concetti filosofici chiave nella cultura occidentale e orientale, in particolare sulla loro universalità e diversità: comprensione, conoscenza e speranza.

“The question that motivates our project is whether fundamental philosophical concepts – concepts that play a central role in the world-view of contemporary Americans and Western Europeans – are religious and cross-cultural universals that are used by people around the world, or if there is diversity in these concepts. Our focus is on the following concepts: understanding, knowledge, and wisdom.

Queste le due finalità del progetto:

“Our project has two overarching goals. The first is to dramatically advance what is known about the extent to which three fundamental philosophical concepts – knowledge, understanding and wisdom – are shared across religions and cultures. These concepts, which loom large in contemporary philosophical and religious discourse, play a major role in organizing our thinking about what to believe, how to conduct inquiry, and how to structure our lives. In order to achieve this goal, we have assembled religiously and culturally diverse interdisciplinary teams of researchers in many regions around the world. Our second goal is to build on the foundation of these Research Teams to create a new, multi-cultural research community focused on studying important philosophical concepts using the tools and insights of a wide variety of disciplines including philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, and cultural studies. To achieve these ends, the project seeks to improve upon extant cross-cultural research by:

  • expanding the methodologies, the range of cultures considered, and the cultural and disciplinary diversity of the investigators engaged in inquiry;
  • motivating and enabling researchers around the world to become involved in cross-cultural, interdisciplinary research on philosophical concepts by sponsoring workshops in Africa, Asia and South America where our research teams can interact with scientists and scholars in the region;
  • presenting our findings both in scholarly publications and in an integrated format accessible to non-specialists;
  • fostering discussion about the implications of the findings for venerable philosophical debates and for practical contemporary issues.”


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