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eBook di filosofia: D. Diderot, Rameau’s Nephew – Le Neveu de Rameau


Denis Diderot,  Rameau’s Nephew – Le Neveu de Rameau. A Multi-Media Bilingual Edition

“In a famous Parisian chess café, a down-and-out, HIM, accosts a former acquaintance, ME, who has made good, more or less. They talk about chess, about genius, about good and evil, about music, they gossip about the society in which they move, one of extreme inequality, of corruption, of envy, and about the circle of hangers-on in which the down-and-out abides. The down-and-out from time to time is possessed with movements almost like spasms, in which he imitates, he gestures, he rants. And towards half past five, when the warning bell of the Opera sounds, they part, going their separate ways.

Probably completed in 1772-73, Denis Diderot’s Rameau’s Nephew fascinated Goethe, Hegel, Engels and Freud in turn, achieving a literary-philosophical status that no other work by Diderot shares. This interactive, multi-media and bilingual edition offers a brand new translation of Diderot’s famous dialogue, and it also gives the reader much more. Portraits and biographies of the numerous individuals mentioned in the text, from minor actresses to senior government officials, enable the reader to see the people Diderot describes, and provide a window onto the complex social and political context that forms the backdrop to the dialogue. Links to musical pieces specially selected by Pascal Duc and performed by students of the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris, illuminate the wider musical context of the work, enlarging it far beyond its now widely understood relation to opéra comique”


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eBook di filosofia: L. Manfrini, Il peccato originale come figura del conoscere. Studio a partire dal Manuskript der Philosophie der Religion di Hegel


Leonardo Manfrini, Il peccato originale come figura del conoscere. Studio a partire dal Manuskript der Philosophie der Religion di Hegel

Tesi di dottorato (28. ciclo, Università degli Studi di Milano. Anno Accademico 2015). Tutor: prof. R. Pettoello, prof. L. Hühn ; coordinatore: prof. M. Massimini

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Philosopher’s Web: la mappa delle relazioni tra filosofi


Philosopher’s Web è la mappa interattiva costruita da Grant Louis Oliveira che si propone di visualizzare le relazioni tra filosofi, partendo dalle voci presenti in Wikipedia. É possibile zoomare sulla mappa o ricercare per singolo filosofo.

“I’d like to change that and more rigorously explore my ideas, but I find the world of philosophy a bit impenetrable, and I don’t think I’m the only one. I know most the big names and have a basic sense of what a lot of them argued, but the works that they produced were made in a specific context, to address a specific conversation among the thinkers that preceded them and to which they were contemporary. It would be bordering on disrespect for me to try to jump in to any of them without a guide and act as though I’ve understood what is being said. So we need a map.

What I imagined is something like a tree arranged down a timeline. More influential philosophers would be bigger nodes, and the size of the lines between the nodes would perhaps be variable by strength of influence. Of course strength of influence needs a metric, but we’ll get there. I know that Wikipedia pages for academics and thinkers tend to have a field for “Influenced by” and “Influenced”, and it struck me that we could use Wikipedia’s semantic companion dbpedia to build our little map.”

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eBook di filosofia: P. G. Baggi, Geometria e metodo tra Cartesio e Spinoza

Cartesio   spinoza

Paolo Giovanni Baggi, Geometria e metodo tra Cartesio e Spinoza

Tesi di dottorato discussa presso l’Università di Bologna (2013)

“Il testo che segue è, in primo luogo, una lettura del Tractatus de intellectus emendatione di Spinoza. Tra i tanti filtri che potevano caratterizzare la lettura di quest’opera, quello che si è adottato ha avuto lo scopo di far emergere nei suoi tratti fondamentali la distanza tra l’approccio spinoziano al problema della conoscenza e del metodo per il suo raggiungimento e l’approccio cartesiano.”

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Mapping Spinoza Ethic’s: l’Etica di Spinoza in grafi

Spinoza's Ethics

Mapping Spinoza Ethic’s è l’interessante progetto web di John Bagby, dottorando di Filosofia presso il Boston College, con la supervisione di Jean-Luc Solère, che offre la mappatura con diverse visualizzazioni della struttura dell’Etica di Spinoza: una tramite grafi e l’altra in 3D.

Le visualizzazioni fanno emergere le relazioni tra le diverse parti dell’opera “trasformate” in “nodi”.


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Iberian Books: il database dei libri pubblicati e stampati in Spagna, Portogallo e Americhe

Iberian Books

Iberian Books è il database online che dà notizia dei libri pubblicati e stampati in Spagna, Portogallo e Americhe tra il 1472 e il 1700. Quando è presente la versione digitalizzata del testo, viene riportato il link alla stessa. Il progetto è curato dalla School of History dell’University College di Dublino.

Al momento il database contiene 31.000 notizie bibliografiche che si riferiscono a 640.000 copie fisiche disseminate in 2.300 biblioteche, in tutto il mondo.

“Iberian Books will need to continue to evolve and develop over generations if it is to be as authoritative as some of the other national short title cataloguing projects. However, this should not detract from what is being accomplished by the project team. Iberian Books offers a powerful aid to scholars interested in the rich history, literature and culture of Golden-Age Spain and Portugal. It offers up opportunities to explore the development of the publishing industries on the Peninsula, issues such as the complex political developments that led up to the War of Succession, the tentative beginnings of the periodical press and the growing news culture, the invention and popularisation of genres such as the relaciones de comedias, and the impact of the Junta de Comercio on the Spanish book trade from the 1680s onwards.”



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eBook di filosofia: Tolerance. The Beacon of the Enlightenment (antologia di testi sulla tolleranza)


Caroline Warman (et ali),  Tolerance. The Beacon of the Enlightenment

Antologia di testi sulla tolleranza

“Inspired by Voltaire’s advice that a text needs to be concise to have real influence, this anthology contains fiery extracts by forty eighteenth-century authors, from the most famous philosophers of the age to those whose brilliant writings are less well-known. These passages are immensely diverse in style and topic, but all have in common a passionate commitment to equality, freedom, and tolerance. Each text resonates powerfully with the issues our world faces today. Tolerance was first published by the Société française d’étude du dix-huitième siècle (the French Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies) in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo assassinations in January 2015 as an act of solidarity and as a response to the surge of interest in Enlightenment values. With the support of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, it has now been translated by over 100 students and tutors of French at Oxford University.”

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EBSCO Open Dissertation: online tesi di laurea e di dottorato


EBSCO Open Dissertation è la nuova banca dati online che offre l’accesso ad oltre 800.000 tesi di laurea e dottorato in formato elettronico, provenienti da oltre 30 istituzioni. Per accedere al testo integrale delle tesi, dopo aver effettuato la ricerca, bisogna cliccare all’interno della scheda nell’URL riportata.

Gli autori possono chiedere l’inclusione della tesi nel portale.

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eBook di filosofia: J. P. Hornbeck e M. Van Dussen (a cura di), Europe After Wyclif


J. Patrick Hornbeck II e Michael Van Dussen (a cura di), Europe After Wyclif

“This volume brings together scholarship that discusses late-medieval religious controversy on a pan-European scale, with particular attention to developments in England, Bohemia, and at the general councils of the fifteenth century. Controversies such as those that developed in England and Bohemia have received ample attention for decades, and recent scholarship has introduced valuable perspectives and findings to our knowledge of these aspects of European religion, literature, history, and thought. Yet until recently, scholars working on these controversies have tended to work in regional isolation, a practice that has given rise to the impression that the controversies were more or less insular, their significance measured in terms of their local or regional influence. Europe After Wyclif was designed specifically to encourage analysis of cultural cross-currents—the ways in which regional controversies, while still products of their own environments and of local significance, were inseparable from cultural developments that were experienced internationally. “

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Noctua: una rivista online di storia della filosofia del Rinascimento


Noctua. Rivista internazionale di storia della filosofia è un periodico online dell’Università di Parma che pubblica articoli e saggi sui problemi della storia della filosofia dai suoi inizi all’età moderna, con particolare attenzione per la filosofia del Rinascimento e quella della prima modernità.

Sono pubblicati anche contributi in ambiti affini, quali la storia delle idee, la storia intellettuale e la storia della scienza.

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